The Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation may accept donated horses only by following a very specific criteria. The Foundation will not take physical possession of any animal or be responsible for any bills incurred by said horse before being placed in the hands of the new owner. The donor must make arrangements to be responsible for any cost of upkeep on the animal while being transported to its new destination or before it is sold and physically removed from the sale site. This includes, but is not limited to, board, training, shoeing, and health care. In the matter of public auction, the donor is responsible for all commissions and sales entry fees.

Donation Type # 1 – Second Career:

The donated horse is going to be used in a way which will promote, educate, or be a benefit to the Tennessee Walking Horse industry in a second career type setting.

Approved programs include:

  • TWHBEA Certified Riding Instructor Program

  • Handicapped or Therapeudic Riding Programs

  • Mounted Patrol Programs for Law Enforcement, the US Military or the US Forest Service

  • Special Needs Programs

  • Non Profit Equine Groups (excluding retirement or rescue groups)

  • Special TWH promotional opportunity (Opry Land Hotel, Kentucky Horse Park, any place promoting the TWH breed)

​If the animal is being donated to a specific organization, the TWHF must have a letter of acceptance from the receiving organization stating the intended use of the donated animal. The animal must be used for promotion, therapy, education and/or as a lesson/academy horse.

The owner must provide the TWHF the registration papers and transfer slip transferring the horse to the TWHF after the horse is in its new home. The TWHF will then transfer the ownership to the new receiving program.

The TWHF will provide the donor a charitable contribution acknowledgement letter. The owner must ascertain the charitable donation value of the animal through counsel with his tax attorney. (The TWHF will assist with the names of Licensed Equine Appraisers if this method of valuation is to be used.)

Donation Type # 2 – Sale:

The TWHF is working with industry horse sales to implement the TWHF Horse Donation Program. For Further information contact the TWHF.

Horse Donations